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Residential Solar in San Diego


Our solar installation in San Diego offers only the highest quality solar panel technology from SunPower. The solar systems used by HES Solar are designed to work together seamlessly. By using only SunPower products HES Solar is able to provide customers with a solar system that generates more power and is more reliable.



We’ve done over 300 roof mounted systems and can handle all types of roofs. HES Solar carefully places mounting hardware to preserve the aesthetics and roof integrity of the home. An added benefit of roof-mounted systems is the shading they provide. This shading can make a substantial improvement in summertime comfort. We offer a 10-year warranty against leaks caused by our installation and inspect roofs for competency before starting the job.

Our San Diego solar company is skilled at handling shading issues, which can adversely affect the annual output of solar systems. We choose inverters for voltage acceptance windows and can give consideration for future expansion of systems. This can save quite a bit of money in the long run. Sometimes the use of micro-inverters or optimizers can handle shading and orientation issues and greatly increase annual production.


Customers sometimes want to use open ground space for panel mounting instead of putting panels on their rooftop. HES Solar has been able to install systems on soft bottomland in Lakeside, cobble hillsides in Scripps Ranch and Poway, and on granite boulder fields in Blossom Valley.

Trenching to the house can be a challenge if boulders are encountered and we take care to avoid other underground hazards such as piping and electrical conduits. Skills to handle rocky conditions are also useful in underground service to house main panel upgrades.

Reasons for a ground-mounted system:

  • If small roof space is available
  • If large land area is available
  • If rooftop is shaded
  • Best roof surface is aesthetically difficult
  • For very large systems

It is very smart to incorporate the protection afforded by panels to get houses and cars out of direct sunshine and rain. UV radiation can damage interiors or dashboards, and, at the least, direct solar heat gain can make inside car temperatures to 140 degrees on summer afternoons. Carports also make excellent mounting surfaces for panels as well as adding safety and security for the panels.

Need Inverters? We Got You Covered!

  • SMA SunnyBoy
  • Solar Edge


Don’t get caught with the lights out. HES Solar has been installing battery back-up systems for over a decade. The idea of energy storage is that one is able to store the energy generated by their solar system in batteries that are then connected to your home to supply energy at night or when your solar system is not producing. Read more about energy storage here.

Types of Solar

Stop giving your hard earned money to the utility companies and start spending it on doing what you love with who you love.

Find out how installing a residential solar system will pay for itself multiple times throughout the life of the system.

If your household energy bill averages $100 a month or more, you’re a great candidate to save thousands of dollars with solar energy. Find out how to start saving with our San Diego solar company today!

HES Solar also offers you:

  • Best-in-class solar installations
  • The ability to eliminate your electric bill and save thousands of dollars
  • Assistance in doing your part to help the environment by using renewable energy
  • Energy independence – be your own power plant
  • Financial resources to spend on more meaningful things than big business
  • Education about the solar installation process
  • Turn-key system design and installation
  • System monitoring the life of our install
  • 25-year warranty on most systems
  • 10-year guaranty on HES install workmanship
  • Custom system design with attention to preserving the aesthetics of your home
  • Multiple financing options

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