SunPower Helix The World's First Fully-Integrated Commercial Solar Platform

Solar Designed to Power Your San Diego Business

Sunpower Helix

It is no secret that HES Solar has always strived to offer the highest quality solar power products to all of our clients. HES Solar has worked with SunPower for over a decade, providing high efficiency, durable solar panel systems to businesses throughout San Diego.

The Helix design approach is beautifully simple: the more seamless the integration, the more reliable the result. From solar cells and panels to hardware, electronics and energy management, each component is built to interact flawlessly with the next, yielding dramatic efficiencies and greater reliability.

Why choose HES Solar and SunPower?Birdseye Solar

HES Solar was the first SunPower partner to install a SunPower Commercial Helix solar panel system. In 2017 HES Solar completed installation on San Diego's YMCA and is scheduled to complete six more commercial sized helix systems on YMCAs around San Diego.

The picture below shows the Commercial Helix system installed by HES Solar in 2017, in addition to large carport above the YMCA's parking garage.

  • Helix Roof Compatible Modules
  • More than 20% Efficiency
  • Commercial Grade
  • Engineered for Peace of mind
  • Designed for reliability
  • High Energy Production
  • Produce more energy per watt
  • Generate more energy per square foot

The Maxeon Cell in SunPower Helix

Maxeon Cell

SunPower® Maxeon® solar cells look different because they are different – and better. The heart of the Helix platform, their seamless surface captures more sunlight, thanks to our innovative back-contact design.Using a Tablet

Our patented cell structure also eliminates the causes for cell breaks and corrosion from temperature swings and damp heat, which account for 86% of the reasons conventional cells fail. So, you can enjoy unmatched reliability and more savings over the lifetime of your system.

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