Solar Carports Optimize Energy Efficiency While Saving Space

Solar Carports in San Diego

Efficient Design for Lasting Energy Savings


Carports are a great way to install solar when a business’s roof space is limited. Solar carports are similar to ground-mounted solar panel systems. A solar carport is basically an overhead canopy mounted into the ground at a height comfortable enough for large cars and trucks to park under.

Carports offer security, shade, and the power of solar! Call HES Solar today at (619) 350-0032 to speak with a highly-trained San Diego solar professional about your project. Learn more about our commercial solar projects.

Benefits of Solar Carports

Carports are very similar to ground-mounted solar systems. Carports are not limited to roof space, structure, or direction. Therefore, carports have the ability to be built and tilted in any direction to optimize energy efficiency.


A few of the many benefits of solar carports include:

  • Space saving for properties with smaller roofs
  • Additional area or property not required
  • Adds shade for cars on hot summer days
  • Reduction of extreme heat to keep maintenance cost low
  • Allows for a larger solar array to be installed
  • Elevated racking helps boost optimal energy production
  • No need to install your system on your roof

If you are interested in going solar using a ground-mounted carport contact our San Diego solar technicians online or call (619) 350-0032 to meet with one of our solar design consultants.

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