Try These Cool Solar School Projects

Our San Diego area solar experts gathered two great projects for students of all ages to learn more about solar energy.

Making a Solar Powered Electric Fan

This solar project seems simple but does require some special equipment and the supervision of an adult.

How to do it: How to Raju has a great video to help you create this project with few supplies and in a short amount of time. GaspGroup also typed up a supply list and wrote directions for those who learn best with step-by-step instructions.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate. Best for older students or younger students with adult supervision.

What you’ll learn: This is a great project for an introduction to how solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Cover the solar panel, and the fan stops rotating.

Benefits vs. Cost of Solar Panels

This is a great project for the researcher who wants to answer the question, “Are solar panels really worth it?” This experiment asks your student to analyze a specific structure (maybe their school or home) and determine:

  1. What kind and how many panels are needed to meet the energy requirements of the structure?
  2. How much will the installation cost?
  3. What energy savings will affect utility costs after installation?
  4. What are the best and worst-case scenarios for future energy and electricity costs?

How to do it: Science Buddies provides a step-by-step guide complete with tips, tricks, and citations to help your student complete this project.

Level of difficulty: Advanced. Best for older students and may require assistance from an expert in the field.

What you’ll learn: Through this project, you’ll get real-life mirrored experience to a question many engineers have to answer in their work. Do the costs of renewable energy outweigh the benefits and long-term savings?

Here at HES Solar, we believe that changing the way the world is powered benefits everyone. We have several great resources on our blog that can help you or your student learn more about solar energy and its many benefits.