Solar Energy For Kids

Special panels made with ‘photovoltaic cells’ or PVs absorb light from the sun and use it to create energy that we use to power our homes! But how does this process work?

How do solar panels power my home?

Solar panels are made of different materials that work together to harness and direct the energy from sunlight in different ways.

1. The sun produces photons. A photon is a tiny particle of light that carries energy.

2. When sunlight hits a solar panel, the surface of the panel separates the energy in a photon and moves the electrons (negatively charged particles) around the solar cell. The electrons moving around the solar cell create a kind of electricity.

3. This electricity is then moved to a device called an inverter, where it changes into a new kind of electricity.

4. This new electricity is the kind of power we use in our homes. Once the energy has been converted into electricity, it powers anything we need!