Last Year Provided Good News for California Solar

From all the tough news of last year it’s great to read that solar power in California remained strong. In fact, solar system and energy storage installations look poised to deliver stronger numbers compared to 2019 when measured by interconnection data recently released.

2020 started very strong, with California solar installs up during the first months of the year compared to the beginning of 2019. There was, understandably, a dip in residential solar activity due to the first lockdowns last Spring, but the popularity of home solar systems installed and activated in California showed a very strong and quick rebound as homeowners reacted and adapted to changing information and conditions surrounding the pandemic. Surely the increased use of the home office and remote working policies highlighted the financial benefits of a house that can produce and store its own electricity.

There was good news not only for solar systems, but for the home battery. Residential energy storage AKA home batteries, often referred to as solar batteries, showed a dramatic surge in adoption late in 2020 for Northern California PG&E customers. State-wide home battery interconnection data showed home battery installation was up across the state, although it was only PG&E that had a dramatic 90% monthly increase in September and October of 2020 compared to the prior eight months of the year. The PG&E numbers were also higher compared to those same months in 2019.

Southern California, including San Diego solar installers, were not quite as busy as those up north, but solar interconnections for both residential and commercial state-wide are showing to have remained strong and are on track to surpass 2019 interconnections once the final data has been processed. It should be noted that commercial interconnections are not as immediate of an indicator as residential solar due to the long timeline of most commercial projects.

For those interested in the exciting field of solar power, energy storage, and the solar business in California, it was CALSSA (the California Solar + Storage Association) that crunched the numbers from the report released by the California Distributed Generation Statistics to make these recently released findings more accessible and applicable. We thank both of these group for the information and charts.

Though the complete California solar energy numbers for last year are not fully tabulated, the recently released data that covers solar system and solar storage interconnections through October demonstrates that last year more homeowners and businesses were adding solar panels to their buildings and homes in California than in the prior year.

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