Does the Slope of My Roof Affect My Solar Panels?

Environmental preservation is on the minds of many. In order to save money and to do something good for the environment, more and more households are turning to solar panels as a source of energy. According to the Department of Energy, the cost of going solar has dropped every year since 2009. This has made it an attractive solution for people who use a great deal of energy within their homes.

However, some homeowners also wonder if and how the slope of your roof will affect your solar panels.

What is the Best Angle for Solar Panels?

Many factors affect the output of your solar panels. Of course, living in a sunny area helps with production. The angle of your roof matters as well. In a perfect world, a roof-mounted system should be set at an angle that is equal to the area's latitude and should face the direction of the sun. However, a roof with a pitch that approaches 45 degrees works well. Although the ideal tilt is 30 degrees, lowering the angle to a mere 5 degrees only lowers efficiency by approximately 10 percent. You will still gain a great deal of savings.

Working with HES Solar

The experts at HES Solar are prepared to install the best solar panel system for your home. Our team understands the most efficient way to install these units and how to accommodate various roof pitches. We serve our San Diego customers with customized solar panel designs to maximize efficiency. Even if your solar panels cannot be placed at the perfect angle, they will still deliver significant monthly energy savings.


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