3 Tips to Save Energy While Quarantined

California is on week 8 of quarantine and with certain areas set to reopen as early as next week, some families may choose to continue working from home or independently social distance until they feel safer. But with many of us spending more time at home than normal, our everyday actions may be taking a toll on our sustainability.

Keep reading to learn how you can cut back on your waste and save energy while staying home:

How can I save water?

Saving water can be a breeze! Water your lawn in the early morning to prevent water loss due to evaporation. Fill your dishwasher before running it and wash your dishes in the evenings to avoid the peak hours to save money on electric, gas, and water costs. When washing clothes, try to make sure you have a full load of laundry and that you aren’t just washing a few things at a time.

Bonus: Hang your laundry on a clothesline outside to dry and save energy by not using your dryer!

How can I save plastic?

There are many ways to cut back on single-use plastics during quarantine. Many takeout places let you choose if you’d like to receive disposable utensils with your order—choose to use your own utensils with any takeout you get! Now is also a great time to invest in reusable straws or beeswax wraps to replace aluminum foil and plastic wraps. You can also take this extra time at home to switch all your bills to paperless or online billing statements.

Bonus: When you reduce your plastic and paper use, you’re cutting back on paper waste as well as the energy and fuel used to deliver mail and plastic products by trucks or planes!

How can I save energy?

Save energy at home by setting your thermostat higher when you go out for a walk—keep your AC at 78° F while you’re home to save the most money and energy during summer. All this extra time at home is a great time to update your home technology—invest in a smart thermostat, change out your old incandescent lightbulbs for LEDs, and if you’re in the market for new appliances, buy EnergyStar certified appliances to make the most of your investment over time.

Bonus: The biggest way you can save energy this year is by switching to solar energy! It’s never been easier or cheaper to afford sustainability for your home and your family. To celebrate HES Solar’s 19th anniversary, we’re offering to reduce the loan payments for new customers to just $19 a month for the first 6 months! Learn more here.

Making the switch to solar can seem intimidating at first. The experienced solar panel installation team at HES Solar can help walk you through the process and provide reliable answers to any questions you may have. Contact our team at (619) 350-0032 to learn how you can take the first steps towards greater energy-efficiency.

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