Arizona Utility Company Aims to Reach Zero-Carbon Energy by 2050

While some federal policies fighting climate change are focusing on eliminating all greenhouse gases, the largest utility provider in Arizona has their sights set on a smaller (but no less important) goal--eliminating carbon emissions by 2050 and switching away from coal and natural gas-power to renewable energy.

What Are the New Goals?

According to their own news release, Arizona Public Service (APS) states their new clean energy goals are to:

  • Provide 100% clean, carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050.

  • Achieve a resource mix that is 65% clean energy, with 45% of the generation portfolio coming from renewable energy; and

  • End all coal-fired generation by 2031 (seven years sooner than was previously projected).

How Will APS Achieve These Goals?

The plan’s goals rely greatly on APS’s Palo Verde Generating Station--the nuclear power plant is the nation’s largest clean-air energy producer and is helping the utility company get a head start on their goal by starting them at 50% clean energy.

The first milestone for the clean energy plan is to transition away from fossil fuel-generated power by 2031. The utility company has announced that they’ve, “committed to end the use of coal at the Cholla Power Plant by 2025 and at the Four Corners Power Plant by 2031.” In order to do so, APS plans to invest in renewable energy sources, battery storage, and emerging technologies such as hydrogen-generated power.

The short-term plan for the additional clean energy will come from a mix of clean energy resources. APS already boasts 1,700 megawatts of renewable energy and 850 megawatts of energy storage. The plan calls for another 962 megawatts of renewable energy to add to their existing proposals for 150 megawatts of solar + storage, 150 megawatts of battery ready solar PV, and 250 megawatts of wind power.

Clean Energy is the Future

APS’s short and long-term goals are essential in building a future of clean energy for all. These initial steps lay out the groundwork necessary for leading other states in creating a sustainable standard for clean energy for the U.S.


As a company that firmly believes in the power of solar energy, we are excited to see corporations and utility providers make the transition from coal and natural gas to renewable energy sources. If you feel that you're ready to do this in your own home or business, contact us today at HES Solar.