The Financial Benefits of Solar Power in California

How would you like the utility company to pay you for a change? That’s basically how it works for California residents who power their homes with solar.

Understanding Net Energy Metering

When your solar panels produce more electricity than you use, that energy is stored in the electric grid. Store enough electricity and the utility company will supply you with credits.

It’s called net energy metering (NEM) and California is one of the 41 states that participate in the program. While you won’t get a monthly paycheck per se, those credits can greatly reduce your already slim electricity bill -- thanks to solar energy -- or in some cases completely offset it, so you don’t pay a dime to keep your lights on. Not a bad deal.

NEM helps California homeowners save tens of thousands of dollars on electrical costs over the lifespan of their solar panels. It’s what makes going solar in the Golden State such a smart idea.

What’s NEM 2.0?

NEM policies undergo tweaks and changes occasionally. The latest iteration -- call if NEM 2.0 -- bases electricity rates on time-of-use. Basically, utility companies charge customers different prices depending on the time of day. For example, electricity generally costs more late in the afternoon and evening. When electricity costs more, there are more potential credits solar panel owners can earn.

With solar panels, you can take advantage of this period of peak demand. A reputable company such as HES Solar will calculate the best configuration for your panels to help capture the most rays in the latter half of the day when electricity rates are highest, helping you save even more.

The time-of-use NEM policy only applies to customers of the big three utility companies in California, which includes San Diego Gas & Electric. Locals are in luck!

Bottom line: We live in one of the sunniest states in the nation, so it makes sense to tap renewable solar energy to supply the energy we need. HES Solar is a leading installation expert! To schedule an appointment, call (619) 350-0032.