4 Reasons Your Business Should Go Solar

If you think going solar is only for Fortune 500 companies with deep pockets, think again. Most commercial property owners can not only benefit but profit from solar panels. Here’s how:

Save Money

You’ve heard that solar saves money, but you may be wondering how much exactly. According to EnergySage, which studies the solar panel industry, the average commercial property owner’s monthly energy bill dropped 75% after going solar.

Our customers have experienced similar savings. Soltera, a developer of eco-friendly luxury apartments, was able to offset 100 percent of a complex’s energy consumption.

Likewise, six San Diego County YMCA campuses are expected to save $80,000 annually after installing SolarPower Helix solar solutions on rooftops and parking lots. Those savings will be reinvested into programs and services to benefit the community.

What would you do with the money you save from solar?

Budget Better

One of the biggest budgeting headaches for any business owner is anticipating fluctuating energy rates. Electricity prices can be volatile. Solar locks in your electricity rates so that you can more reliably forecast costs.

Help the Environment

Solar is a renewable, natural source of energy. As an alternative to fossil fuels, solar reduces the number of greenhouse gases released into our environment.

Build Your Brand

Many customers are passionate when it comes to maintaining our environment. Therefore, plenty of customers will be more inclined to purchase products or services from your business if you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Bottom line: As a business investment, solar only makes sense. Commercial properties of all sizes can drastically reduce expenses, earn the favor of eco-conscious customers and contribute to a greener, healthier planet. For a consultation, contact HES Solar at (619) 350-0032