How HES Solar is Advocating for Sustainable Energy

HES Solar is dedicated to advancing the solar energy system, but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at this blog to see how committed we really are to powering the world with renewable resources.

How HES Got Its Start

HES Solar was founded in 2001 by Martin P. Learn, but Dr. Learn’s passion for solar and renewable energy began long before then. In 1982 he left his career as an anesthesiologist so he could dedicate more of his time to the solar industry. He’s now an active member on the board for California Solar Industries Association and is currently living 100% off the grid.

So you see, HES Solar lives its values on a daily basis, and is not just selling a product to make a profit. We truly believe in the power of solar energy and renewable resources for the future of California and the world.

CALSSA Solar Code of Ethics

Part of our mission to make solar energy more accessible for everyone is making sure that all of our customers are treated fairly and are provided with a reliable product.

Because of this mission, we’ve partnered with the California Solar & Storage Association to sign their Code of Ethics. This puts us on the hook and holds us accountable for projects gone wrong, or expectations that haven’t been met for our customers. If a customer has a complaint, then it will be investigated by the CALSSA Ethics Committee, who will even work with the appropriate state authorities when it’s deemed necessary.

Lobbying in Sacramento

On August 22 of this year, Ross Williams (CEO & President) and Martin Learn (Founder) attended CALSSA Lobby Day in Sacramento to discuss solar advocacy. The purpose of this lobby day was to protect the right of homeowners and renters with solar panels to use the energy they generate without being taxed. The California Senate voted in favor of the bill protecting these rights 38-0!

At HES Solar, we believe in the benefits of solar energy systems, and we do everything in our power to provide access to renewable energy to the residents of San Diego. If you have questions about going solar or want to learn more about the financial benefits, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts at (619) 350-0032.