How Will a Blackout Affect My Solar Panels?

California residents are no strangers to power outages, whether they’re caused by natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes, or the city and power companies plan them. But how do these blackouts impact homes with solar panels?

What Causes Power Outages?

Power outages occur for a number of reasons, including natural disasters (i.e., fires, earthquakes, storms) and even planned outages. In fact, this year, San Diego’s power supplier, SDG&E has executed hundreds of power outages in order to update their equipment and prevent fires from starting. However, these outages can leave homeowners without power for several hours and sometimes even days.

A prolonged period of time without power is not only frustrating, but it can be costly as well. During an outage, it’s wise to open the freezer and refrigerator as few times as possible, but even then, your food will likely spoil within four days of not having power. It is also potentially fatal if you rely on medical devices or systems that require electricity.

How Do Power Outages Impact Solar Panels?

You might think that having solar panels installed in your home saves you from the headache of a power outage because you’re able to generate energy off of the grid, and this is true, but only to a certain extent.

Your solar panels will only save you from the power outage if you have a form of solar energy storage, like a Tesla Powerwall. During a power outage, your solar system will automatically shut down and stop producing energy. This happens for a few different reasons, including the safety of electrical repairmen and the protection of electric devices and appliances in your home.

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