HES Solar Wins SunPower Commercial Dealer of the Year Award!

At HES Solar, we work hard so that making the switch to solar is one of the easiest and most economically-advantageous things you can do. Whether you’re looking to power your home with solar energy or keep the lights on in your business with the power of the sun, our San Diego solar experts have made it their mission to make sure your experience is nothing short of the best. So when the effort we put into what we do every day is noticed, we can’t help but be proud.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we recently received the 2018 Dealer of the Year award at SunPower’s annual dealer conference! The Dealer of the Award honor is reserved only for those dealers which consistently and unwaveringly personify the best qualities of SunPower. With the number of dealers in the SunPower network reaching well into the hundreds, to be given this honor is both a dream come true and a wonderful privilege. We’re pleased that our efforts to better-serve our customers and provide them with both world-class products and customer service has helped us achieve this exclusive goal.

About the SunPower Dealer of the Year Award

SunPower’s Dealer of the Year award was given to just seven dealers this year. For 2018, we were named a Regional Top Producer of the Year, one of the categories to receive this award. Those who earn the prestigious SunPower Dealer of the Year award exemplify each of the five core values of SunPower’s business:

  • Put customers first
  • Win together
  • Lead decisively
  • Innovate relentlessly
  • Do the right thing

The award was presented at SunPower’s The Power of One Dealer Conference, held right here in sunny San Diego, California. Over 500 solar professionals attended, representing more than 200 dealers in the SunPower network at the event. In addition to the awards ceremony, the event featured keynote addresses from some of the biggest names in SunPower and the solar industry, informative presentation and breakout sessions, a dynamic product expo, and so much more!

What This Means for HES Solar Customers

As an HES Solar customer, this award means that you’re working with some of the very best solar experts in both San Diego and the entire United States. Our receiving this award exemplifies our unwavering commitment to helping you get the most out of your solar panels, including receiving the best possible customer service. Whether you’re already an existing customer, or you’re considering making the switch to clean, renewable solar energy, we’re proud that this award demonstrates our ability to represent the best that SunPower, one of the leading names in the industry, has to offer.

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