Which Solar Gadgets Make the Best Holiday Gifts?

If you have not started your gift shopping, now is the time to do it. Although electronic gadgets are among the top-selling products every year, people are beginning to lean more toward buying solar gadgets. Many solar devices are especially useful for outdoor enthusiasts. These are some of our favorite suggestions for this season!

Solar Cellphone Chargers

Solar-powered phone chargers make great gifts for anyone. They're even better for those who love traveling or camping. There are also multi-purpose solar chargers. For example, some chargers are solar-powered crank flashlights as well. There are also dual-purpose lamps for home or outdoor use.

Solar Cooking Devices

If you know someone who likes to camp or cook, consider a solar grill or oven. There are also solar cookers that work similarly to a stovetop. Most products are small in size and will cook a limited amount of food.

Solar Lights

There are stake lights, string lights, and mounted lights. If you know someone who wants to revamp their front or back yard, solar lights might be just what they need! The National Renewable Energy Laboratory recommends using solar landscaping lights to reduce energy consumption and save money.

These are just a few of many examples, so keep exploring and add to this list yourself! As you continue your holiday shopping, you can do your part to help protect resources by looking for solar-powered products and other green gifts. If you decide that a small gadget isn't enough, and you want to power your whole home with solar panels, then give us a call!