How Much Does Solar Really Cost?

What affects the cost of your solar system?

One of our most frequently asked questions at HES Solar is “How much is a solar system going to cost?” or “How much do you typically charge for an average sized solar system?” Most people are looking for a quick, round number. However, the answer is never that simple. The cost of solar varies among each individual and their home based on a variety of factors like roof size, average electricity bill, energy savings goals, the direction of the roof, type of panels and more.

While some solar design experts might be able to give you a ballpark price based on your energy usage, that number could drastically change once your home and personal needs are taken into consideration. It is important to keep this in mind when requesting pricing and quotes for a solar system in San Diego.

When it comes to investing in solar, San Diego is the perfect location. The year-round sunshine, warm climate, and ever-increasing energy rates make it the ideal place to install solar and see a quicker return on your investment than other areas of the United States.

Even with the perfect climate conditions, it is still important to keep in mind a few key factors that will affect the price of your solar system.

Five Key Factors The Affect the Cost of Solar

Energy Usage

Your average monthly energy usage has the biggest influence on the overall cost of your system. How much energy you want to offset or eliminate will determine the size of your solar system. At HES Solar, our solar design experts will take a look at your average monthly energy consumption over an entire year to choose what size system will work best for you. If that information is not they are able to use a complex formula to determine your potential energy needs.

In addition, it is important to let your solar design consultant know of any change to energy consumptions you might make in the future. Changes, like adding an electric car, running the A/C more frequently, or adding another member to the household, can all affect the size of your system.

Roof Direction, Size, and Type

Your home’s roof plays a large factor in how much your solar system will cost. The direction, size, and type of roof will influence the overall size of your solar system and determine how efficiently your solar panels will be able to produce energy throughout the year.

If you live in San Diego, a south facing roof is optimal for energy production. The direction of your roof will influence how much sun the solar panels can capture throughout the day, influencing how large of a system you will need. HES Solar's, solar design experts also take into consideration the shading of your roof.

The size of your roof will determine how large of a solar system will be able to fit on your roof. Small roof spaces will need more efficient solar panels, which typically cost more than a standard efficiency panel. Luckily HES Solar only carries the most efficient solar panels on the market, SunPower. So, no matter what size roof you have you will be getting the high quality solar panels available in San Diego.

Lastly, the type of roof you have will also influence the price of your solar systems. The equipment needed for a solar installation changes depending on the if roof is clay, tile, or composition. Clay is the most expensive type of roofing to get solar installed one.

Find out how your roof type will affect the cost of your solar system HERE.

The Utility Net Metering Policy

According to SEIA, Net Metering is the billing mechanism that credits homeowners with solar systems for electricity that is sent to the grid. The utility net metering policy in your area will affect the overall value of the energy produced by your system. Which Net Metering policy you are on is also affected by when your solar system is installed. Talk to your Solar Design Expert about when you should have your solar system installed by for maximum saving.

Read about the changes that are being made to the solar energy rates in San Diego HERE.

Solar Installation Company

Like every industry, the overall cost of your system is affected by the cost of labor determined by the solar installation company you choose. When purchasing a solar system through HES Solar you not only pay for the cost of the solar panels and other products, but also the labor involved in the designing, planning, permitting, and proper installation of your solar system.

Financing Options

The overall end cost of your solar system depends on how you choose to finance your solar system. There are a variety of different options when it comes to financing your solar systems from a cash purchase to a solar loan to a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and more.Read about all of the financing options available HERE and choose one that works best for you.