Everything you Need to Know about Energy Storage in California - Q&A

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There are a lot of questions surrounding energy storage as it begins to continue to lead the renewable energy industry. Today we have rounded up our most frequently asked questions to give you the straight answers to adding energy storage to your home in San Diego, California.

Home Energy Systems has been installing energy storage for over ten years. In fact, our founder, Martin Learn, live completely off the grid in Julian. Martin Learn design and installed his own solar panel system equipped with enough energy storage to run his entire house and never rely on SDG&E. Since Martin Learn has installed his own custom home battery backup system Home Energy Systems has worked with hundred of homeowners to design customer battery back-up (storage) systems both large and small.

Since Tesla launched Powerwall 2 adding energy storage to your new or existing solar system has become easier (and cheaper) than ever. Home Energy Systems is proud to be one of the few Tesla Powerwal Certified Installers in Southern California. For any questions regarding energy storage or Tesla's Powerwall, please contact us here.

How much does energy storage cost?

Energy Storage System (Batteries) - $5,000-$25,000

*The total cost largely depends on the brand of energy storage batteries you choose to install

What is the average cost of energy storage from Home Energy Systems?

$10,000 before tax incentives or California rebates.

What does Home Energy Systems cost include?

Home Energy Systems provide full turn-key installations from start to finish and will continue to monitor your energy production over the lifetime of your systems. Home Energy Systems includes the battery unit, a protected load panel, the gateway, any necessary wiring, permits, taxes, full installation, monitoring, warranty - basically everything (except and service panel upgrades if needed.)

Why choose Home Energy Systems to install your energy storage?

Since Home Energy Systems is a Tesla Power Certified Installer we are able to offer you the best energy storage system on the market, in addition, a wide variety of other battery backup systems. Home Energy Systems offers a higher quality installation with over 10 years of energy storage experience! Other companies will brag they have been in business for 25 years, but our experience is specifically with solar panel systems and home battery backup systems. Plus, we offer flexible battery choices from lead acid to lithium Ion and either inverter integrated or separate. Our prices are incredibly competitive, but our experience and knowledge are unbeatable.

How long will energy storage power your home?

The answer to this largely depends on whats on the protected load panel and your usage. An average 5kW 13.2kWh battery (Powerwall) will run a protected load panel for 8 hours, just in time for the sun to come up and power your home through solar!

What can energy storage power?

Realistically, anything you want within the battery's power limits. We recommend important items like lighting, microwave, fridge/freezer, you know- the essentials in the case of an emergency.PV Breakdown of the Tesla Powerwall

How many batteries units do I need?

Based on energy usage. Homes with a solar system up to 6-7kW could utilize one 5kW battery, above that, we would recommend two batteries.

How long does my system it take to charge?

If the batteries are completely empty it will take an average is about 6-8 hours, depending on how big your solar system is and how much energy you’re using during the day! All of these questioned can be answered in greater detail if you contact us here with your specific energy needs.

Will I be completely independent of the utility company?

Most homeowners will still need to be connected to the grid (so SDG&E can provide power to your home during down times.) In addition, if you are applying for the California State rebate (SGIP), you are required to be connected to the grid. However, most battery systems can operate as off-grid systems as well- in certain situations such inaccessibility to the grid. Even connected to the grid and during black outs, your home will be able to continue functioning separate from the grid- using the solar during the day and the battery at night.

What are the benefits of energy storage??

There are many benefits that come with adding energy storage to your home. Here are a few of the benefits:

- Energy storage provides energy in case of an emergency, power your most important electronics over night and utilizing solar power during the day

- Energy storage gives you the ability to maximize time-of-use rates because your systems can shift consumption of electricity from expensive periods to a period of lower cost.

- Energy storage benefits the overall environment, making you less depending on fossil fuels and non-renewable sources of energy

- Energy storage can be easily combined with your existing solar panel systems

- Energy storage reduces your reliance on SDG&E

- Will help you avoid future changes in utility rates, saving you money in the long run

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Why now?

Over the past few years, energy storage prices have reached an affordable point. With the new lower prices points along with the California tax incentives and state rebates, there has never been a better time to go solar. In addition, the utility rates in Southern California continue to climb and shift, avoid any future spikes in utility charges by adding energy storage. There is a limited time rebate available to homeowners in California cutting the cost of adding battery backup almost in half. With summers getting hotter, black-outs and rolling brown-outs are a lot more likely in the upcoming years. Lastly, labor rates continue to increase all across America which can take up a large cost of installed energy storage to your home, don't wait for the prices to change.


Home Energy Systems strives to provide high-quality service and products to all of their clients in San Diego. Home Energy Systems also prides itself in providing all the information necessary to make the right decision for you and your home. Many questions can be answered in greater detailed based on your energy needs and goals. Please contact us to learn more about adding energy storage to your home here.