The World is Going Solar

For years, solar energy has taken the back seat as the world debates it’s functionality. Recently however, more and more consumers are realizing that solar is a great way to save power and reduce electricity costs. Entire countries are making a move towards solar and here’s proof that the world is set to become more dependent on solar energy:

  • Crescent Dunes, a project initiated by SolarReserve, has now dismissed one of the biggest problems related to solar- making it work when there’s no sunlight or at night. Their solar tower that is situated in the middle of the Nevada desert, runs 24/7 regardless of sunlight. It uses molten salt as a battery for storing energy. Crescent Dunes can power an estimated 75,000 homes. More importantly, they’ve discovered a method to prevent solar energy from being an intermittent energy source.
  • China has broken Germany’s record to become the world’s largest generator of solar energy at the end of 2015. The country has managed to install 20 GW of solar power within the first half of 2016. This is 3 times as much as what they generated in the same time period in 2015. The original plan was to generate 20GW of solar energy every year till 2020. It now looks like they can generate twice as much.
  • Germany just recently ran on renewable energy for almost an entire day. More recently, Germany set the record for solar storage earlier this year. Solar storage involves saving energy for later use and distribution. This requires built in battery storage for solar panels. Statistics show that over 41% of the solar installations in 2015 had storage. This jumped from a meager 14% in 2014.
  • India just got a tremendous loan of $1 billion from the World Bank to develop more grid-connected, utility scale solar power. India is one of the leaders when it comes to global clean energy storage with over 45GW of renewable energy being stored across the country. The Indian government has announced that they plan to increase this number to 175GW by 2022.
  • Solar Impulse 2 became the first plane to fly around the world using only solar cells. The plane ran on 17000 solar cells and completed the trip within the span of a year. Critics point out that the plane only flew 47mph but that wasn’t the point of the mission in the first place. The plane was used to set an example that solar energy is the future and no one can deny it. It traveled for thousands of kilometers on a trip that had 17 stages and even though, it was damaged during the trip, it still completed it’s course and proved the potential of renewable energy.

It is clear to see that solar is taking over the world and has proven to be a great resource for countries around the world. You can get affordable solar panels for your homes and office buildings at HES Solar in San Diego.