Solar Power For a Greener San Diego

View of solar panels

Solar energy is swiftly becoming the most widely used renewable and clean alternative to traditional sources of energy like fossil fuels. While the use of solar panels in residential homes have definitely seen a rise in the last few years, there are various applications of solar power outside of domestic use that, if fully exploited, could greatly reduce public expenditure and encourage the rise of more and more eco-friendly towns and cities. One such green city running on solar power is San Diego, California, which receives enough sunlight in a year (260 to 266 days) to have more that its energy requirements fulfilled just by sunlight alone.


Solar energy systems are used both residentially as well as commercially. San Diego home-owners can be encouraged to install solar thermal systems to heat the water and air in their homes and maybe even install photovoltaic systems which can directly provide them with electricity powered by solar energy. There is also a Federal tax credit in place as an incentive to get Americans to go solar. The 30% federal tax credit significantly reduces the overall initial investment in solar for many San Diego homeowners. Beyond residential applications, solar power can be used for things like:


With solar panels installed right on the light poles themselves, optimum uses of space is made and energy is gathered during the day which is then used to power the lights during the night. After the initial installation cost, the city will have no additional cost and lighting the streets will be free.


Not only can the lights be powered by solar energy but also the scoreboards. Solar scoreboards offer savings not only in terms of reduced electricity bills but also savings due to the digging of trenches for underground lines no longer being necessary. For solar-powered scoreboards and field/stadium lights, the problems that can be faced due to less sunlight are being addressed by lithium batteries which gather and store power from solar energy even in small amounts. HES Solar has actually installed multiple solar power scoreboards in parks and fields throughout San Diego, take a look here.

solar panel car3)TRANSPORTATION

Trains and buses powered by solar panels mounted on the roofs of the trains and buses themselves are an innovative way to make the best use of the freely available sunshine to power public transportation systems. The amount of fuel and electricity consumed can be greatly reduced in this way and the city can incur fewer expenses and also provide a cleaner and healthier environment for residents.

Not only is solar power good for the environment it also helps save on electricity bills, reduces the loss of electricity during transportation, improves the domestic economy by not having to import fuel to generate electricity, and increases domestic employment since solar installers and experts will be required. Moreover, the internal rate of return (the amount of initial investment that will be returned in an average year) for the state of California is 12%. This means that over the 25-year life of solar panels, whatever is spent on installing solar energy systems in San Diego, 12 % of that will be returned as earnings every year. If you are in the San Diego area and are interested in adding solar to your home or business contact us for a free, no-obligation solar energy evaluation.