Use of Solar Energy in Commercial Businesses

Birdseye-view of solar

You would be surprised to know that solar energy costs are less as compared to traditional electricity in several markets all over the world. Solar energy systems are not only being installed in the residential sector, but even commercial businesses now understand the value addition made by solar energy systems.

Various solar power companies install systems without demanding any upfront costs. As a result it is possible for your business to end up paying less for eco-friendly, abundant solar energy.

How Commercial Solar Power Works

How can solar energy power your plant or commercial business space? The setup and process are quite simple. Solar panels are made using photovoltaic cells that have the ability to produce direct current (DC) electricity from sunlight throughout the day.

Typically, there is an inverter that transforms this direct current electricity into AC or alternating current electricity. This is what is actually utilized by the business. When a greater amount of power is produced by the solar energy system (than what is required), the power is fed back into your electricity grid.

Commercial businesses can take advantage of open land or roof space to:
  • Minimize operating costs
  • Save energy costs for a number of years
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Show their commitment to social responsibility

Financial Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy

Even if your business has very good intentions, when an investment fails to pencil out, it won’t make much sense for you to consider it. The same holds true for solar power investment. Several businesses are unaware about certain facts associated with solar finance. For example, there are many businesses that manage to get 15 to 25% in after-tax-returns. This could translate into savings of several thousand dollars every year!

Different Types of Commercial Solar Energy Systems

It is a myth that you require an abundance of roof space in order to install a commercial solar power system in your business space. Today, modern technology has enabled firms to manufacture different types of solar systems to match the needs of all businesses. Some more innovative systems include the super high efficient commercial solar module, Helix, by SunPower.

  • Ground-Mounted Systems 

    For businesses that have a lot of land space and not sufficient roof space, there are ground mount solar systems available in the market. These systems help in maximizing open square footage. They can easily generate power for the nearby equipment and buildings.

    Another birdseye-view of solar panel

    Aquatera Solar Luxury Apartments San Diego – Ground Mounted Commercial Solar Energy System by HES Solar

  • Customized Rooftop Solar Systems 

    Businesses can now lower their electricity bills by installing roof top solar panels which block heat from the sun and minimize cooling expense. It is possible to find solar solutions for different kinds of roof types-flat, sloped or standing seam. Companies offer customized solar power systems to meet the varying needs of commercial clients.

    The business landscape is becoming exceedingly competitive and some of the most well-known and successful companies are switching to solar energy systems to gain advantage over the others. These include huge corporations like Apple, Walmart, IKEA and Costco as well as smaller U.S. businesses. Businesses from different industries and of varying sizes can utilize solar energy to reduce energy expenditure and increase their bottom line while gaining competitive advantage.


    Scottish Rite Center Mission Valley- Curved Custom Rooftop Commercial Solar Energy System by HES Solar

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