Solar Energy Myths Debunked

Myths of Solar Energy

Despite what the naysayers predicted, solar energy systems are being installed by homeowners and businesses at a much higher rate than ever! In this piece, we debunk some of the most pernicious solar energy myths:


Solar cells are an unproven technology – Scientific experimentation with photovoltaic solar cells began as early as the late 1800s. The first photovoltaic silicon cell capable of harnessing solar energy to power electrical equipment was introduced in the year 1954. By 1983, the PV production in the world was in excess of 21 MW. There are companies like H.E.S. Solar that have been in the business for years and have installed systems worth many gigawatts across the world.

Solar systems only work in sunny and warm climates – A lot of people believe that solar technology does not work in a cold climate with short and dark days. This is incorrect. Solar panels tend to work better in colder climates because heat reduces the output voltage. While direct exposure to the sun allows solar systems to generate more power, the advancement in solar technology enables modern panels to generate energy even in low light conditions. For instance, a person who lives in Seattle might need a bigger solar array to get the same results as a person living in Southern California.

Solar panels are expensive – With the rapidly dropping prices of solar panels, solar power has become less expensive than the conventional sources. You also get a lot of financial incentives, like rebates and policies which make solar more affordable for businesses and families. You also have a lot of solar financing methods, from home improvement loans to zero down payment leases which make solar energy more affordable.

Surplus energy produced by the solar system is lost – This is one of the most baseless myths. In most of the U.S. states, including here in California, there are net metering policies. It is a billing strategy in which solar users are paid for the surplus electricity by being offered credit against the use of electrical grids at night. The excess energy generated by the system flows back into the grid which is used by nearby businesses and homes. Moreover, with the rapid advancements being made in storage technology, it is only going to get better.

Solar panels look ugly – The solar panels that are manufactured today look compact, sleek and fit snugly on the roof. H.E.S Solar has almost invisible mounting hardware and our signature black solar panels have an elegant appearance.

Solar panels decrease the resale value of your home – Solar panels and leases are advantageous to the buyer because at the end of the day, it helps them save money. Having a solar lease does not automatically turn buyers off. In fact, a recent survey showed that people considered solar panels to be a value addition to their homes even if they have never been in a home with solar. In fact, many sellers experience energy savings that exceed their original expectations.

The facts are, solar is a good investment, effective in a variety of climates and solar panels are extremely durable and have the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, including hails that are up to an inch in diameter. If you have more questions about the process or the cost of installation of solar panels on your home or business, please contact us.