Why Ground-Mounting Solar Arrays are More Cost Effective

Ground-Mount Your Solar

One reason why solar panels or arrays are not very popular still is the higher cost in comparison to fossil fuel and conventional energy. Even after many innovations, manufacturers and contractors are still grappling with the cost factor. They often offer different incentives to prospects to turn them into customers. But despite its obvious advantages, people all over the world have not shown the kind of euphoria or enthusiasm that was expected. However, as options like ground-mounting solar arrays become more cost effective, solar system prices will continue to drop.

If the installation cost of a solar array can be reduced drastically, solar power can also compete with conventional energy resources. This would make this alternative energy resource truly sustainable and effective. However, there are many factors that are beyond the control of the installer or the contractor. Roof mounted panels are often restricted by the size of the roof as well as its direction and angle. Contractors also have to take care of many safety considerations while installing an array that automatically escalate the cost.

Outdoor solar panelGround-mounting solar arrays could be the best solution in case of a sufficiently large, open space on the ground. Ideally, no prime farming or grazing tract should be used for installation purposes. But if the space is not used for farming, then it can be utilized without any environmental concern. A lot of modern contractors also have the technical know-how of installing the system above grazing lands. Since these vast tracts of land are not limited by size or too many safety concerns, they are less expensive. Also, these arrays are easy to maintain and with the right practices, longevity can be increased and cost can be optimized further.


Once a potential site has been identified tentatively, the next step is to get a geotechnical soil analysis of the site done to see if the sub-soil conditions can support the entire structure. This also prevents wastage of resources through trial and error and also reduces chances of an accident. Next, it is time to anchor the racking which would support the solar array.

Now, a lot of installers lease out the drilling job to other companies. But, if they do it themselves, there are some cost benefits that they can enjoy. Some of the commonly used anchoring methods are use of ground screws or helical piers that are twisted and inserted into the soil and provide tremendous strength to the racking, shaft-piles where the borehole is filled with high-strength concrete and sometimes by driving a strong pile or column to provide extra reinforcement to the racking. Although these methods involve boring multiple piles on the ground, the piles are not very deep or don’t require very advanced equipments or skills.

If the contractor has the right equipments and trained personnel, then a lot of cost can be saved in drilling. Some more costs can be saved if the contractor assembles the shipped components of a rig machine rather than buying a fully assembled one.


If you are a contractor, you should get highly versatile, maneuverable and mobile rigging machines. These machines can provide significant cost benefits. If you are a consumer, get into an agreement with a company which has skills and the right equipment to install ground-mounting solar arrays. Eco-friendly, uninterrupted energy is an added incentive that you should definitely avail.

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