Solar Power: An Alternative Source of Energy For Your Home

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Solar power is an alternative source of energy which is capable of producing heat and generating electricity. Among all of the natural sources of energy, sunlight is the most abundant. The amount of solar energy the Earth receives on a sunny day is capable of generating around 200,000 times the total daily amount of energy required to power our planet. The abundance of solar energy is only limited by the methods of collection, storage and conversion into heat and electrical energy. This, however, is slowly becoming more and more accessible as solar power technology advances and costs steadily go down.


There are two main residential solar energy systems used, thermal systems and clouds with solarphotovoltaics. Solar thermal systems capture solar energy in the
form of heat. Flat-plate collectors consisting of blackened metal plates and sheets of glass capture heat from the Sin and is either stored or used directly to heat air or water in homes. Photovoltaic systems convert solar energy directly to electricity. Solar energy is captured using solar panels that are made of solar cells or photovoltaic cells. These cells then convert light energy from the sun into electricity. With the need for renewable alternatives have started to become more popular in urban locations as solar energy systems.


The most widely used forms of energy come from non-renewable and finite sources such as fossil fuels that give us coal, natural gas and petroleum. Apart from being non-renewable, these sources of energy also pollute the environment and cause widespread destruction of natural habitats. In such a scenario, it is becoming an ever-pressing concern to find alternate sources of energy that will not harm the environment but provide enough power to meet the world’s energy requirements. Solar energy is a modular technology, which means that you can install any number of panels depending on your needs and requirements. Using solar power greatly reduces your electricity bill, even completely eliminating it if your solar installations are big enough. Moreover, solar panels also help generate income through various incentives offered by the federal government.

solar panels with palm treesSolar power in San Diego is a sensible choice because California is one of the sunniest states in the country. San Diego receives 3055 hours of sunlight in a year, with 146 clear, sunny days and 117 partly sunny days. With so much sunshine, the amount that can be saved on electricity and gas bills is incredible. In addition to the positive contribution towards protecting the environment as more households stop depending on fossil fuels and lean more towards renewable energy.

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