Solar Power: Why Is It Expensive?

Why is solar power expensive

The world is taking huge steps to move towards using renewable energy, specifically solar power. However, when it comes to the cost of installation, many homeowners and renters have the same complaint – it is too expensive. But if you take a closer look , some may argue that solar energy isn’t necessarily expensive, the costs are may be high but the benefits, payoffs, and money you save makes an investment in renewable energy worth it in the long run.


Individual homeowners often complain that solar panel installations are too expensive but the government is planning to have incentives to bring down this cost. Many homeowners also question why the government is not implementing solar panels in it’s own buildings. This is a valid point as solar energy can save the government a ton of cash and these savings will eventually trickle down to consumers. It could also reduce the cost of solar power for the public as the industry expands.

Renters are least likely to get solar panels installed as they have to convince their entire apartment building and/or the owners to vouch for it. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because none of them have any incentive to install solar panels. If you install solar panels, then you get all the savings, so why should they vouch for you. Users also complain that it takes years before they see a good amount of saving from the solar panels. HES Solar has been the leader in solving this problem in making solar panel installations for apartment complexes and their tenets easier and more cost effective.

HES Solar was the first to install a net metered systems onto apartment complexes and is a leading installer of virtually net metered systems. Virtual Net Metering (VNEM) is a way for apartments to control and monitor each units energy consumption, while saving everyone money. Ross Williams, Vice President, was able to speak on the advantages and hurdles currently facing the installation of virtual net metered systems at Intersolar 2016. Check out the video of this talk!


The main resistors of solar energy are the electricity and utility companies who foresee major losses if solar energy becomes more expansive. Simply put, when you can generate your own electricity at home through solar panels, there’s no reason for you to stay on centralized companies billing list. Consequently affecting the fossil fuel and nuclear industries, leading them to lose money. This is why, electric, utility and other related companies are lobbying strongly against solar energy, especially against homeowners having independent solar panels. Sunny areas like San Diego have companies like HES Solar who offer affordable solar panels for both homeowners and commercial buildings. Many suggest that these companies should start manufacturing and selling solar panels themselves. However, this doesn’t seem viable as corporate profits will be at stake,


It is common knowledge that we can’t continue our dependency on fossil fuels for much longer. With global warming and climate change looming over the planet, renewable energy is the only way forward. Solar energy is one of the most viable options for renewable energy out there and postponing it’s use could be disastrous.

It is clear to see that solar energy isn’t expensive because it’s not viable, it’s expensive because big, corporate companies are trying to forestall its advancement and use in society. Many point out that there will be a large loss of industrial jobs once solar energy takes over but that was true even when cars were invented. Eventually, new jobs will open up and either way, fossil fuels are expected to run out in the near future. Polluting the Earth just so corporate profits are not affected doesn’t seem like a viable option.

Solar at first can seem like a daunting and expensive addition to your home or business. However, the rewards and savings you will experience over the lifetime of your solar panels will pay for your investments, save you thousands on your electricity bill, and more. If you are interested in taking a look at our different financing options for solar panels contact our solar company..