Maintenance Tips for Commercial Solar Power

Maintenance tips for commercial solar power

In comparison with the majority of the other electric power generating technologies, commercial solar power plants require minimal or absolutely no maintenance. Even then, it is vital to monitor a commercial solar power plant and undertake basic regular maintenance for its optimal operation. This helps ensure uninterrupted service, optimal generation of electric power, minimal risk of fire or damage, extended operational life and better return on investment.

Here are some basic tips for maintaining commercial solar power.


You will find that majority of the solar power plant related operational failures happen during summer time. Some of the common operational breakdowns include the shutting down of inverters and overheating of fuses. It is possible to eliminate such failures in a short period of time provided that an operator inspects the power plant on a regular basis. Otherwise, such problems will be reported right at the end of the month when there is a mismatch between the electric power bill and the monthly report. For instance, if out of the two plant inverters, one is rendered ineffective, it is possible to lose nearly 10 percent of the yearly power production in just a month, since summer demands the highest power output.


A visual inspection lets you see the dirt on the module glass of the solar power plant. There will be dust, bird dropping, leaves and other kinds of dirt which can significantly lower the output of the solar power plant.

Since there is a connection between the strings and the modules, dirt accumulated on a single module can impact the electric power generated by the entire module string. It is important to hire an experienced and certified team of cleaners for cleaning the modules of the solar power plant on a regular basis. If the cleaning is done incorrectly or carelessly, it could cause a lot of damage to the working of the solar power plant. For instance, it isn’t a good idea to walk on the plant modules while cleaning or to use harsh chemicals and detergents.


The other elements of solar power plant may include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Ensuring roof penetrations are absolutely watertight
  • Ensuring there is adequate roof drainage
  • Inspecting roof drains for any clogging
  • Checking for signs of vegetation growth or water pooling in the vicinity
  • Checking for ground erosion close to the ground mount system footings

As solar power plants keep getting older, it becomes even more important to pay attention to operation and maintenance. This helps in ensuring optimal performance. It is also important to remember that solar power plants are typically located in remote areas with poor communication facilities. Majority of the distant monitoring systems require internet connection when there is no other reliable connection to avoid issues related to absence of data logging.

You can take note of the maintenance tips to enhance the operational life of your commercial solar power plant. Interested in adding solar to your business check out our commercial solar offerings, and set up a free, no-obligation solar energy evaluation today.