Back It Up with Solar?



Solar Battery Back Up

As our PAC Mag article suggests, if SDG&E gets their wish they will be crediting consumer created solar power at only 4 cents/kWh for production while charging full retail for grid energy use. While the environmental benefits of solar would persist, if this happens it would destroy the cost benefit of installing solar energy systems on a home or business. So does that mean the end of the solar as we know it? Fortunately for Mother Nature and our wallets, the answer is no for several reasons.

First and foremost, it’s not too late to get in on the current system of retail to retail crediting known as NEM. If you get your solar application approved prior to the expiration of NEM projected at the end of 2015, you will be grandfathered in to the current cost benefit supporting model for the next 20 years. Schedule an on-site energy evaluation now if you’d prefer that route. Don’t wait, as the deadline nears, available slots are filling at an accelerated pace.

If getting solar installed by the end of 2015 is not on your radar, the answer is Advanced Energy Storage also known as battery backup systems like the one featured here by JucieBox Energy. These unassuming yet, sophisticated backup battery systems can keep your home running as well as if you were pulling energy straight from the grid but in fact, you will be powered off your own solar production and storing the surplus power created in daylight hours for operations at night. While it may seem this solution would leave SDG&E high and dry, as they are still connected to the grid, these energy storage solutions offer them benefit as well. JuiceBox backup systems may benefit utility companies by way of demand shifting and peak shaving helping to reduce pull on the grid during high energy usage by grid dependent users. Want to know more about solar back up options?

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