Marinella Apartments Go From Shabby to Solar and Energy Efficient

From shabby to energy efficiency

Marinella Apartments Solar Installation

Solar power management

The Marinella Apartments of El Cajon are under new management. The community was recently acquired by a visionary man named Mark Holst. Prior to the ownership change, the 10-unit community had been the victim of deferred maintenance, which happens all to often with small privately owned communities. Holst had a different vision for tenants of this property, both in quality of life and for green living. Along with updating the units with kitchen upgrades and fresh flooring and paint, the entire community is in the process of an energy efficiency overhaul. All of the light fixtures were swapped out for CFL energy efficient light bulbs. These light bulbs use 1/3 of the energy and have 10 times the life of a traditional light bulb but that was just the tip of the iceberg.


Next, energy efficient dishwashers were added where previous dwellers of this apartment had none. A cool roof was installed; a cool roof is both highly reflective and highly emissive, transferring less heat into the building compared to a dark colored “non-cool roof.” High efficiency mini-split air conditioners were placed in each apartment, and all of the originally gas powered water heaters were switched to electric water heaters. Further, the water heaters will utilize a recirculation system so that hot water is available instantly. For residents, this means no waiting for the shower to get hot and for the greater good it means no water waste!


Drought Resistant Landscaping

All of these eco-upgrades were for the unit interiors but efficiency overhaul did not stop inside. The exterior of the Marinella property has plans for renovation as well, with water conservation in mind. The landscaping plan was developed with raised bed gardens and drought resistant foliage. And to tie everything together and run all the appliances, air conditioners, and water heaters off of renewable energy, the The Marinella Apartments are going solar. The owner is in the process of acquiring 100, 327 watt SunPower solar panels installed. SunPower solar panels are the top of the line in both efficiency and longevity so there was no skimping on the solar system that will be powering this eco-renovated apartment community.

Solar power energy

HES Solar Installs Solar for Apartments & Businesses In San Diego County.

This apartment solar power system was designed and will be installed by the San Diego
solar professionals at HES Solar (aka H.E.S. Solar). H.E.S. is well versed in this particular kind of apartment solar installation that is known as Virtual Net Metering (VNEM). With virtual net metering percentage of solar power produced is allocated to each unit powered by one central system. In older models for apartment solar systems, a small solar system had to be created for each unit. HES Solar is one of the only solar companies that does these type of VNEM installs for non-government projects. Other VNEM projects are done by other companies for affordable housing/government subsidized housing. HES Solar develops these multiunit systems for market-rate properties that tends to attract a different tier of demographic. The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of the summer 2015 and the apartments are renting now. For more information on renting Marinella eco-apartments Go HERE.

A Mini Split air conditioner has the air compressor outside and condenser inside. This makes the units more efficient because they’re not cooling and heating an entire building just localized area like one room for instance.