HES Solar Evolution

Evolution of Solar

HES Solar is proud to share advancements in our evolution since we started bringing San Diego solar in 2001. Until early this year, the vast majority of our business had come from good old fashioned word of mouth. A special thanks is due to our past customers for referring us to friends, colleagues, and family. You have kept us in the business of sharing savings and clean energy for nearly 15 years. That is quite an accomplishment!

HES Solar's Newsletter

While our top source of business continues to be referrals, as the adage goes, one must evolve or die. We have have wisely opted for the latter and have adopted some new marketing talent and tactics to take our grassroots business to the next level. With that, we are offering a quarterly to monthly e-newsletter on solar and San Diego. Our mission is to create and share great stories that you’ll look forward to reading that keeps you informed about the solar industry and it’s evolution.

SponsorshipWe’ve updated a few other things along the way including, updating our branding to match the quality of work and service we provide, upgrading our website to be mobile friendly and, adding features like client dashboards and easy service requests online. We’ve also started “socializing” sharing news and interesting projects on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. If you have one of those accounts, please join us. There is also a chance that in the recent months you may have heard H.E.S. mentioned on KPBS, where we are now a proud sponsor. We have been featured on other local radio stations as well. If you haven’t heard, why not take a listen?


Still, some things are tried and true and there’s no reason to change a thing because it already works great. Like our referral program for instance. You can still recommend HES to unlimited friends and family to earn cash for on-site energy evaluations and $500 for being the procuring cause of a solar installation. You can get paid to share solar too! If someone has come to mind, tell us about them here. With your continued support we expect to continue to Bring Solar Power to San Diego for decades to come.