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The RAZA First Annual Car Show and Picnic was a total success! It the Chula Vista Bayside Marina is such a beautiful area to spend the day even without the fantastic array of FABULOUS cars, music and vendors still, all that action made it even more enjoyable. There was something for everyone at this event from hotrods and lowriders to kettle corn, ocean views and live music. HES Solar was a proud sponsor of this inaugural car show that is sure to become an annual Chula Vista family fun event. I personally had the pleasure of partaking in some delicious carmel kettle corn that I consumed much too much of and some killer street tacos from the Cholotes TJ Style Taco van.

On the technical side we couldn’t be happier to report that our mobile solar rig had more than enough juice to keep the party popping all day. Even in the overcast morning hours the solar
panels generated more than enough energy to power the band. According to our mobile solar inverter meters, the first band Wayras Y La Orquestra Magica (a congo and singing compilation that frequents Old Town) was pulling 250 watts of power where the HES Mobile Solar source was pulling 700 watts (with a full cloudy sky).

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This was enough energy to power the band and charge the fleet of batteries that sit in the trailer for back-up. This means that even if the event went into the evening hours when no sunlight is available, we’d have enough stored solar energy to keep the music going. This was not the most energy taxing band, as there aren’t many electric congos out there but it sounded great and when the DJ, Rappers and second band, The South Coast Players came on. Our 17 foot mobile solar set-up was almost overkill. We have other smaller sizes of mobile solar trailers that could have done the job as equally well. However, since this was our vanguard effort powering summer fun of the street-fair, festival variety, we opted to be safe rather than sorry. We know now that we can power a much more aggressive audio and stage set-up for future San Diego events and festivals. If you’d like a FREE solar stage at your next event, contact us to discuss event details.
Special thanks to our solar installer and promoter extraordinaire Bernie Silva and Robert Rubio for getting HES Solar involved.