Advantages of Solar Energy Outweigh Disadvantages

So many of our resources that humans consume with reckless abandon are finite. Water is one as we feel the drought crunch in California and another is oil for energy. This phenomenon has spawned a turn of scientific, governmental and financial attention to finding viable renewable resources to sustain our quality of life. While water recycling and desalination are options for supporting our water supply, oil is quickly running out and we need another source of energy. What could this other source of energy possibly be? You guessed it, the sun. The advantages of solar energy are many. Solar energy is a cleaner, less expensive renewable source of power with great advantages for the earth and added benefits for you as well.


Oil is not a renewable source of energy- to put it plainly, it will run out! There is a limited supply of oil in the world that is dwindling daily. On the other hand there’s sunlight, which can provide an entirely renewable source of energy. It is constant and consistent every day of the year and (save an unforeseen cosmic catastrophe) will continue to be for the next several billion years. In fact, if captured properly, 0.02% of sunlight could replace every other fuel source currently used around the globe.


The sun’s renewability attests to its reliability. We can always rely on the sun to rise every morning and radiate its powerful rays onto our equally reliable solar panels. Solar panels are highly reliable because they do not require mechanical parts that can fail so they last a long time (up to 20+ years). The lack of mechanical parts also means that solar panels require very little maintenance. They only need to be cleaned a few times a year.


The lack of mechanical parts not only means durability and low maintenance, but silence as well. Solar panels make absolutely no noise as opposed to oil pumps or wind turbines, another source of renewable energy. Solar energy is a great option for those want to switch to an alternative energy source with neighbors who are picky about noise.


While it is true that solar PV systems are costly, they have a great return of investment. They save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. Your energy bill could even be as low as zero dollars. With the installation of solar panels also comes the availability of net energy metering (NEM). NEM is a type of billing arrangement in which the solar customer is provided with credit of full retail value for the electricity their system generates and sends back into the grid. This “spins the meter backward,” meaning that the value of the meter reading decreases and so does your electric bill. The government also gives tax credits to those who invest in solar and other clean energy systems.


Solar energy not only saves you money, but it saves our Mother Earth too. Unlike oil, this source of power does not create pollution. The burning of oil releases carcinogens, harmful greenhouses gases, and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Each year, 21.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air from the burning of fossil fuels. This number could be dramatically reduced with solar.


People generally install solar panels to reduce their energy bill and power their in-home appliances and furnishings, but solar can power much more than this. It can also power water heaters for your pool and shower, power your phone charger, radio, keyboard, backpack, laptop, and so many more things. Solar energy is amazing the list of products it can power is limitless.


The disadvantages of solar energy are few, but here's what to consider: 

  • There is the somewhat large initial investment that for many is an obstacle for moving forward. Still, the declining cost of solar along with contemporary financing and lease options make the initial investment a surmountable issue. In fact, many solar financing and lease options have no-money-down variations.
  • Something else to consider is that adding solar to your home or business increases the value which in turn, could slightly increase your property taxes. That being said, all the tax incentives offered to purchase solar should cover that.
  • Another disadvantage of solar is that you could provoke jealousy and and envy in your neighbors and family members who pay high electric bills while your solar power system pays for yours day in and day out and year in and year out. If you’re not good at that taking that kind of attention, perhaps solar is not for you.
  • One more disadvantage of solar energy is that your relationship with your long time friend, SDG&E will grow thin and wane. But buck up, there are so many advantages to solar, the pros far outweigh the cons. Why wouldn’t you try this renewable energy source?

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