SDG&E Rates To Go Up More Than 13%

Graph Showing Rate Increases

Everyone should be aware that SDG&E is once again raising rates. The UT reported in early May that the rates were going up by an historical 11%. That was average for all rates across all industries. Residential got hit particularly hard, to the tune of 13.45% on average.

A Breakdown of The Increases

What is really interesting is the way the increase is broken down. Tiers one and two really haven’t changed. Those of you using less than 450 kWh/month will not be affected, keep up the great energy conservation efforts! Those of you using more than 450 kWh/month the news isn’t so great. Tiers three and four went up by an average of 22%! Tier three was $0.26 and tier four was $0.29 ; now they are $0.34 and $0.36 respectively. Bottom line is that if you are currently using a lot of energy in tiers three and four then your electric bill will increase significantly beginning on September 1, 2013.

HES Solar Can Help You Save

HES Solar is a solar electric company. We can design a solar system that will take you out of the top tiers and avoid this rate hike altogether. With solar prices still the lowest they have been in years now is a great time to avoid the rate hike and go solar today. Contact us for more details.

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