Now's the time for San Diego Solar Power

Investing in solar power in San Diego is one of the smartest decisions consumers can make. San Diego is one of the best cities in the United States for solar energy given the abundance of yearly sunshine.

How Solar Works

Solar energy can be harnessed through solar panels on your roof called photovoltaic panels. These panels, though incredibly durable, are surprisingly lightweight and can also be utilized through ground-mounted systems. The process of garnering solar power, or converting light to energy, begins when the sunlight hits these photovoltaic panels. The particles of light called photons, are converted by these panels into direct current power, or “DC” electricity. This energy then flows into the inverter, converting the power into the type of electricity your house can use, an alternating current, or “AC” power. Obviously the more power pumping into your panels, the more energy your system creates, which is why choosing solar power in San Diego is such a strong investment. Plus, solar power has seen a dramatic reduction in cost worldwide. Photovoltaic panels have dropped in cost by about 75 percent, credited to a surplus of panels produced in China. The best advice – take advantage of this burgeoning trend! Once these panels are installed, you can immediately begin reaping the benefits of investing in San Diego solar power.

Why invest in solar power in San Diego?

Of course, making the decision to invest in solar power isn’t a unique trend. Solar Energy Industries Association, a Washington based trade group, credits a 30 percent rise in U.S. residential solar rooftop systems since last year with 52,000 home installations. With these systems becoming increasingly more popular, the time to act is now. As the San Diego solar power trend continues, the permit process is becoming overrun, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. In fact, this clogged permit process is what has caused the United States to not realize the same gains seen in solar power seen by Germany, the leader in solar energy installations. Some utilities are even imposing moratoriums in some areas on how much solar power they will allow into their grids. Until the investor owned utilities are revitalized and begin regarding solar energy as an advantage rather than a threat, solar energy will continue to face obstacles from these hegemonic entities. Being on the forefront of solar power installation in San Diego is the best way to prevent running into roadblocks along the way; install today!

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