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HES Solar has partnered with SunPower to offer one of the best warranties in the solar industry. HES Solar offers a 10-year warranty on all installations and workmanship, including roof leaks. In addition, SunPower offers a 25-year product and production warranty on all of their products.


When you go solar with HES Solar and SunPower, everything is covered from installation, power, production, product, and workmanship.

undefinedHES Solar has been in business serving the San Diego area for over 17 years and we know our quality workmanship and solar installations can withstand the test of time. As HES Solar strives to only offer the highest quality service and products. Read the SunPower Warranty HES Warranty.

Because of the excellent reliability and durability of SunPower’s Maxeon cell, they can offer a warranty that has the lowest guarantees degradation and a 25-year product warranty. This means that SunPower guarantees your power output will be no less than 87% efficient.

This is the best warranty in the solar industry that covers both power AND production. Just contact our San Diego solar experts to see how SunPower compares to other solar panel brands.

undefinedTogether the HES Solar’ and SunPower Warranty includes:

  • 10-Year Installation Warranty
  • 10-Year warranty on all roof leaks in the area of solar panel placement
  • 25-year Product Warranty
  • 25-year Power Warranty
  • The lowest guaranteed degradation rate: -0.4%/yr for 25 years TO -0.25%/yr
  • Removal of bad or faulty panels
  • Shipping of new equipment and panels
  • New panel installation

HES Solar and SunPower strive to provide San Diego homeowners with a piece of mind knowing their solar panel system has the best combined product, power, and installation warranty. The warranties are designed to give you more electricity and more energy for less space, while maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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