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Solar Financing from Our San Diego Solar Company

You Control the Costs, You Own the System

Solar energy and battery storage makes financial sense for both home and business.

HES Solar offers a variety of different financing option to best fit your needs, including:

  • Loan
  • Lease
  • Cash Purchase
  • HERO program


Similar to a car loan or your mortgage, the solar loan from HES Solar and SunPower offers all the benefits of solar without all the upfront costs. The loan is flexible and can be customized to fit your needs.

Here is a snapshot of the loan:undefined

  • Simple interest, unsecured financing
  • Low rates from 3.99% on 10-year loans (15- and 20-year terms also available)
  • No prepayment penalty
  • No annual escalator
  • One-time principal pay down within 18 months: use your 26% federal tax credit to lock in a low payment for the term of the loan
  • When it’s paid off, you own it and you have free electricity for life


undefinedGo Solar for Zero Down & Start Saving Money from Day One

Solar is a great investment and a wise choice for smart homeowners who view their rooftop space as a resource, not just a cover over their heads.

Now almost any homeowner can take advantage of this great technology without the large initial investment. Instead of purchasing the equipment, you simply lease it while enjoying all the benefits of ownership.

The benefits to this include:undefined

  • With a solar lease from SunPower, you make payments over the lifetime of the system instead of paying for it all at once
  • The solar lease is flexible so you have the opportunity to work with us to create a payment plan that suits your needs
  • Includes free monitoring, insurance coverage, and lifetime repair service.

Cash Purchaseundefined

Of course HES Solar accepts cash! If you have it, this is the best way to purchase solar for your home:

  • You get the 26% Federal Income Tax Credit
  • No applications to fill out or credit checks
  • No waiting for any approvals
  • You own the system 100% from day one
  • If you run a business out of your home you could be eligible for accelerated depreciation

Hero Financing

HERO is offered in partnership with your city or county. We happily accept financing through the HERO program.

Our Mission.

HES Solar is partnering with our customers to fundamentally improve the way the world is powered.